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Due to the extraordinary popularity of the Festival, in 2019 we’re expanding to be a three-day Japanese food and drink extravaganza! Building on the amazing turnout last year, we’re looking for even more food, craft, and beverage vendors to join-in.

In addition to the daytime cultural programming we’re kicking off Sakura Night Market for Friday and Saturday evenings. The Night Market will come alive with with live performances, video game tournaments, cosplay contests, and light installations. Join us!


昼間の文化的な催しに加えて、金曜日·土曜日の夜に「Sakura Night  Market」を開幕します。ナイトマーケットは、ライブパフォーマンス、TVゲームのトーナメント、コスプレコンテストなどで活気づきます。ぜひ参加しませんか!

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